Confused by all of the hype about SaaS?

Wonder if Software as a Service is not just another buzz-philosophy invented by consultants who need to keep coming up with new ideas?

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At Computer Applications Corporation, we have been developing custom applications for our customers for many years. In the past, this meant developing software on a customer's premises, using their hardware and software development tools and languages. Once our development was complete, it usually meant the customer continued to provide hardware and support personnel for the application. Since the advent of ySaaS, however, that methology has changed. Sure, we still do a lot of development the 'old' way. But an increasing number of customers are discovering the benefits of having us develop applications customized to their specific needs using our in-house hardware and development tools, then making the applications accessible to them via secure servers on the Internet. They still maintain ownership of the code and data, but we furnish the hardware and support personnel at our site to keep their applications running.

To put it quite simply: We still handle your custom software development needs, but do so utilizing our hardware and software development tools and give you remote access to the finished product for a very reasonable monthly hosting fee. You still have full ownership of all software and data. We don't develop general purpose SaaS applications for general business use. We concentrate on your specific business needs, develop custom solutions using our own tools and facilities, then host the finished products for your use! Should you decide to bring ySaaS applications in-house or move them to another hosting provider, the transition would be painless, as you own the code and we utilize industry standard development environments, languages, and databases.

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  • Need to off-load your data center?
  • Don't have and don't want an in-house data center?
  • Want backups to your current business application hosts?
  • Need business applications developed but don't have the time/expertise to do so or the IT resources to support them?

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